Fact sheet:

Game: Boards of Strife

Developer: Clicker Industries

Platform: Any web browser

Website: www.boardsofstrife.com

Price: Free to play

Press contact: boardsofstrife@gmail.com

Game presentation page: here


Boards of Strife


Boards of Strife is a web-based Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy game, in development by Clicker Industries.

Key Features:

  • Game is based on Worlds. A World lasts for about a week. You can start early, and gradually get new turns, or play a whole World later in a single go.
  • The three DEFINING FEATURES of the game are:
    • Worlds can be started with a unique selection of Skills which can greatly change your gameplay. You unlock new Skills by playing Worlds and levelling up your Profile.
    • You play against the environment, but each world has a Player Ladder - scoring high gives you extra EXP and more Gold while playing the world, along with the added bonus of feeling good about scoring high.
    • The game uses a fair free to play model with extra emphasis on fair. Most of the microtransaction features are disabled in “Free” worlds. There are also Premium worlds which allow for a bit of “pay-to-win”, but scoring well is still very skill dependent.
  • The art style of the game is made to resemble a board game. Enemy units/friendly armies look like cards placed on the game board.

The game is currently in its open Beta phase, you can play it right now on this website:www.boardsofstrife.com


  • We have yet to collect any noteworthy quotes about the game. But we love playing it within the studio! :)

Actual Game Screenshots:

About us:

Clicker Industries is a 3-man dev team from Slovak Republic focusing mostly on production of browser games. We currently have four major projects out:
  • (called Universe Genesis) - a space strategy/rpg game with a lot of user generated content. The oldest and first project of our studio. The game has been running for five years, and isn’t being supported by new updates very often any more.
  • (Army Clicker) - an NSFW clicker game with lots of stylized artwork and engaging gameplay. Army Clicker is still being actively supported with new updates, bringing new content and features in very regularly.
  • (called Exo Traders) - a space trading/strategy game.

Showcase of older versions:

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