Fact sheet:

Game: Boards of Strife

Developer: Clicker Industries

Platform: Any web browser

Website: www.boardsofstrife.com

Price: Free to play

Press contact: boardsofstrife@gmail.com

Game presentation page: here

3 main features really quick:

About us:

About us real quick:

3 guys working on what we love, for 3 years now!


  • 2handsome guys, 1designer
  • working 3 days a week, 2 at home
  • one room we work in
  • one uses linux, one mac, and one windows10
  • boss has new samsung watch gear s3
  • we like food - sushi, burgers
You can play the game RIGHT NOW at www.armyclicker.com?presscode=15

our other projects:

  • (called Universe Genesis) - a space strategy/rpg game with a lot of user generated content. The oldest and first project of our studio. The game has been running for five years, and isn’t being supported by new updates very often any more.
  • (Army Clicker) - an NSFW clicker game with lots of stylized artwork and engaging gameplay. Army Clicker is still being actively supported with new updates, bringing new content and features in very regularly.
  • (called Exo Traders) - a space trading/strategy game.

end of about us